My process

I think it's really important that you as a couple resonate with my style and approach to photography to make sure we're the perfect fit for each other. After all, we're going to be creating this together! The way we connect and the vision that we share is ultimately going to shine through in your images. So please take the time to read through the below where I share a little about my approach to photographing your love.

The experience



Less 'pose' - more 'be'

All about you

I'm not the type of photographer who is going to meticulously pose you and run through a set shot list. I prefer to capture you as you naturally are and as the moment really is. In saying this, I will definitely help you and guide you, but I like to think of these as ways to simply facilitate the natural intimacy already shared between you two. More than that, I like to just leave you be. I'm here for the messy windswept hair, the barefoot dances, the dress dirtied by adventure and the perfectly imperfect moments. That's the real stuff.

I really encourage my clients to do something that is genuine to them. Getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest is great - but then I want you to pause and consider if that reflects your relationship. Some of my favourite shoots and weddings have been when couples incorporated elements, locations and ideas that were unique to them. I want you to know that there are no rules here. You can literally do whatever you want with your shoot and in fact that's what I encourage. Give me all your crazy ideas and let's make it happen.



An experience - not just a service

Good things take time

What I want for my couples is to really give them something more than just photos. I want you to have a little adventure date with me as your fun third wheel, haha. For example, for one of my more recent engagement shoots we went hiking to these rock pools my couple wanted to shoot in. We packed up and hit the road at 05:00 in the morning, chased the sunrise, changed on the top of the mountain and when we were done shooting ate Oreos next to the rock pools then jumped into a waterfall. Now - I'm not saying every shoot has to be that (I'd be flipping exhausted if that was every weekend!) but what I do want to express is that those were memories I'll always hold dear to my heart and so will the couple. It was more than just photos - it was an experience we shared. So whether that's a quiet afternoon at home with you two and some hot chocolate, or a walk in the park where you first said 'I love you', let's make memories you'll want to document.

Generally on my shoots we're not going to be taking photos for the full duration of your shoot time. That's because I want to get to know you. I don't want to run in, snap the generic photos and then wham bam we're done. I want to talk to you, take in the setting with you, hear about who you are and what makes you tick. Because the more I know, the more that comes out in the photos. So relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy the experience.



Invest in what you value

Quality over quantity

I know the topic of budget can be taboo - but let's just break that for a minute. I'll be upfront and say that if your goal in your search for your photographer is just to find the cheapest package, then I'm probably not going to be the photographer for you. And that's totally alright! I understand budgets and priorities. But I would really encourage you to make your photography a priority, because photos are all you'll have besides your spouse after your wedding day. India Earl words it really well, she says: "Photographs are something that will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations." Everything else has a momentary value that is lost after the day. Your flowers die, your clothes hang in the cupboard, and you probably won't remember all the little details you focussed so meticulously on - but you'll only grow to love your wedding photos more and more. They are really a precious investment and deserve that kind of attention.

While this applies to the images you receive, right now I'm referring to my availability. Recently I had to realise that I can't shoot 2-3 couple shoots, 1 elopement and a 9hr wedding all in one weekend (had to try it first though haha). While physically and timeline wise I can make it work, I left those times feeling absolutely drained mentally and with no creative vision. Shooting back to back also means my editing load piles up and I can't deliver client images in the fast turn around time that I like to. Overall, I just don't believe that it's fair to you to overload myself, because then I can't serve you with the excellence you deserve. So I've restructured my system and decided to take on less bookings in order to really give my clients the attention and energy they deserve. For this reason I recommend getting in touch about booking your session or wedding day as soon as possible in order to secure that date/time slot.


Your new BFF

Lastly, I really want you to know that I'm here for YOU. I really don't want to be just another vendor or service you check off your list. On your wedding day or during your couple shoot, I want you can lean on me and trust that I'll be there to serve your vision. If you open up the space to me, I want to be involved and help craft an experience that is totally incredible and true to you. I remember when Damien and I decided we wanted to get married we were like "Woo this is awesome!... What the heck do we do now?" Haha. There are so many things to think about and you've probably never done any of this before, so it's hard to know where to start. So as someone who has been to many weddings and been involved in the day, usually start to finish, I'm here to help! Especially when it comes to timelines and how to make room in your day for special moments and things that are important to you. I really want you to break down the idea that you had in your head about what a wedding should be and let's plan a wedding that is everything you want it to be.


Get in contact

Done deal

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After our consultation I'll send through final contracts and invoices and we'll start planning all the fun stuff, like your engagement shoot!

If I'm available for your date and things are looking good then I'll send you through some more information about my packages and we'll meet up for your free consultation to chat about everything over a good cup of coffee! (Or we can have a call, but I'm always down for coffee.) This is a great time for you to share your wedding day dreams with me and ask me any questions you may have.

Head over to my contact page and submit the form, giving me as much info about you two and your day as possible!

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