I'm so glad you're here

I love Jesus so much.

He is my biggest “why” and my biggest motivator. In 2018 myself and my now husband, then boyfriend, met God for the first time and our lives have never been the same. Since then, as a part of the church I’ve had the privilege of meeting and encountering so many people from so many different walks of life, and being moved with God’s love for all of them. He’s constantly breaking down barriers and teaching me to see people how He sees them. I really believe that my passion for human connection, relationships, intimacy and sacred moments are all because He showed me His heart for those things first. My heart is to walk through life seeing through His eyes, and hopefully documenting that way too.

"Those who are loved by God, let his love continually pour from you to one another, because God is love."

1 John 4:7 TPT

This is me & my Hubby, Damien

We have two dogs, one Rottweiler who thinks he’s a lapdog, one hippo looking puppy and a little black and white cat who misses being an only child. I love our little family with all my heart.

We're pretty easy going people who love spending time with our friends and family. Damien is the videographer in our team and my biggest supporter. He's been a huge part of my business. He's super kind and funny and you're going to love him too.

Nice to meet you

Although I'd say I lean more to an introverted nature, the simplicity of human connection has always gripped me.

I always knew that I wanted to be a photographer. From the day I got my hands on a camera, I started dragging friends on little photoshoots and snapped hundreds of photos at every social event. I tried my hand at almost every genre of photography before finding myself where I am today in weddings, couple and lifestyle photography. After trying to pursue something more along the lines of fashion photography for a while, I found myself discontent trying to constantly set up a scene, rather than authentically capturing something meaningful. While I still have fun on portrait sessions every now and then, I'm so firmly planted in this line of photography. Capturing and preserving life's precious and wonder filled moments for families to look back on for years and generations to come - this will always have my heart.

I think that from a young age I was always an observer more than a participator. Not in a sad and lonely way (at least I hope, haha), but in a way that I was quite content to just be and soak in moments as they happened. I liked it when things would feel as if they slowed down for a second and I could lock in on all that was going on around me. I think this is why I fell into photography so easily. Being able to show others what I was seeing in a room, the little details and moments that were so rich with life and emotion, those little things that can easily be missed. Those are the things that make my heart full.

I love that with a single image a wave of memories and emotions can come flooding back, and I think this is one of the most beautiful gifts I could give to someone.

Random facts about Max

If i weren't a photographer

My favourite snacks are

I'd probably have a little cafe

anything peanut butter

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

sunrises and coffee with people I love

my husband

I Started This Business

I’m Addicted to

Jesus, haha

in high school

My perfect hobby

cooking, baking and hiking

Thanks for reading!

Now that you know me a little bit better, I'd love to get to know you.

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